Parker Posey The Cash-Strapped Genie Leads The Daily Links

Plus the Bob’s Burgers taste test, how they made the dino sounds in Jurassic Park, and those spring trees that smell like… you know.

The economy’s tough on everyone. Even genies. - [Funny or Die]

Where did Jurassic Park’s T-Rex get its voice? From a Jack Russell terrier and a baby elephant. Take a VERY cool behind-the-scenes look at sound design. - [Vulture]

BREAKING: Kristen Stewart smiles sometimes! These rare and amazing photos can prove it. - [Refinery29]

You think YOUR living situation is crowded? Welcome to Hong Kong. - [International Business Times]

Photo by Michael Wolf courtesy of International Business Times

Have you ever wondered what the punny “Burgers of the Day” from Bob’s Burgers might taste like? Good news: Someone decided to find out. - [Uproxx]

Some call them “semen trees” and others, “vagina trees.” But starting next year, they might be going away. - [The Awl]

A company called Aereo wants to change the way you watch TV forever. But the industry as it stands today refuses to go down without a fight. - [The Fiscal Times]

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