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    Pitbull The 32-Year-Old Virgin Leads The Evening Links

    Popdust makes a deeply compelling argument.

    So is he or isn't he?

    Examine the evidence at the International Journal of Popdust.

    Sure, W. can paint.

    Getty Images

    But that's not the only hidden talent a President has ever had, as HLN reports.

    George Clooney can clearly sense that something isn't quite right.

    Photo by Everett Collection courtesy of truTV

    Check out truTV's list of Academy Awards conspiracy theories.

    So Miss CoEd 2013 Megan Retzlaff is looking well.

    Plenty more at CoEd.

    This Oscar feud has lasted SEVEN DECADES.

    Photo courtesy of Stirred Straight Up via Mental Floss

    Read this MentalFloss article and realize that your relationship with your siblings is actually totally fine.

    Jamie Foxx makes a handsome woman, don't you think?

    More Oscar face swaps at NextMovie.

    Lisa Lampanelli may or may not have written the worst tweet ever.

    Horrifying details at Uproxx.

    Wesleyan students were VERY poorly behaved at this dinosaur exhibit last weekend.

    YouTube image courtesy of The Atlantic Wire

    The full hard-hitting report is at The Atlantic Wire.

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