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    New Zealand Is Putting "The Hobbit" On Its Money

    And it's going to be legal tender!

    Native Kiwi Peter Jackson filmed both the initial The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the upcoming The Hobbit trilogy in New Zealand, and the productions have been recognized as a massive boon to the country. (Jackson was actually knighted for his contributions to NZ's film industry in 2010.) And now, in keeping with New Zealand's concerted effort to use its powerful association with the movies to boost tourism—Tourism New Zealand is working to rebrand the country as "100% Middle Earth," and the capital city, Wellington, will be unofficially renamed "The Middle Of Middle-Earth" for three weeks when An Unexpected Journey premieres there next month—the country is going to release these coins and stamps beginning November 1.

    Sir Ian McKellen, for one, thinks it's great, telling TV New Zealand,

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