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19 Signs That BuzzFeed's All-Cats Newsletter Is For You

The time to sign up is right meow.

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How can you tell whether or not This Week in Cats, a newsletter that is COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY ABOUT CATS, is right for you? Let us count the ways.

1. You are a cat.

2. You own a cat.

3. A cat owns you.

4. Your best friend is a cat.

5. This cat in a box on a skateboard makes you giggle.

6. As does this cat with its head stuck in a tube.

7. Although having laughed at both of those, you are well aware that you deserve this look, and feel guilt accordingly.

8. You are incapable of watching this kitty land in the snow without whispering "ploomph."

9. Or of seeing this kitten napping in a doll bed without yelping "squee!"

10. You occasionally find yourself trying to recreate this most perfect of all wiggles.

11. You would give anything to know where this cat's long journey will take it.

12. Or to jump in the car with this guy and go, just go. Just leave all this behind and take to the open road, stopping only to shed on the furniture.

13. You would give this cat anything. Seriously, anything. You might even be attempting to smush dollar bills into your screen right now.

14. You like this face.

15. You feel an overwhelming urge to confess all your deepest hopes and fears to this cat. (Go ahead, we'll wait.)

16. You know that no matter how hard you try, no matter how many motorcycles you ride or dance moves you master, you will never be as cool as this cat in sunglasses.

17. Or as super chilled-out as this one.

18. Having once beheld these two sleepy li'l cuties yawning, you will spend the rest of your earthly days as a puddle of goo.

19. The idea of a weekly newsletter that is 100% about cats makes you purr like a kitten.

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