“Mad Men” Characters As Muppets Lead The Daily Links

Plus the Kitten Bowl controversy, the single worst drink in the world, and the time an NBA player saved a dolphin’s life.

Mad Men characters as Muppets? This makes no sense whatsoever. - [Flavorwire]

Image by Jennifer Lewis for Flavorwire

The Hallmark Channel announced today that they’re launching a “kitten-themed competitor” to Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl next year. Very cute, yes. But also deeply controversial. - [The Atlantic Wire]

Animal Planet courtesy of The Atlantic Wire

Awesome new meme alert: Nike Swoosh Fine Art. Just do it. - [Uproxx]

You don’t want to drink what this guy is drinking. You really, REALLY don’t. - [RocketNews24]

What could you possibly do with a pile of fake Apple products? Hmm, let’s see. Appease your ancestors? - [Betabeat]

Photo by Technabob courtesy of Betabeat

Former NBA center Clifford Ray has really long arms. And once upon a time in 1978, he used them to save a dolphin’s life. - [Treehugger]


Gratuitous international dessert porn? Gratuitous international dessert porn! - [Afar]

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