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    Want to know what's happening right meow? Then "This Week in Cats" is for you!

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    Then BuzzFeed's "This Week in Cats" newsletter is what you need!

    Who it's for: Anyone who thinks cats are adorable. Anyone who thinks cats are hilarious. Everyone who's a little bit worried about cats taking over the world and wants to keep track of what they're up to all week. And cats. Definitely cats.

    What you'll get: Celebrations of the greatest moments in cat history, as well as unflinching looks at the moments the feline community would rather forget. (Hey, we all make mistakes.) Hard-hitting analysis of major cat news, like the time this cat realized it was a cat and this other cat sat in a green chair. Revealing deep dives into the cat presence on social media. And of course, tributes to Maru's enduring greatness.

    When you'll get it: Every Friday.

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