Ginger Spice’s New Project Leads The Daily Links

Plus a mashup of Archer and Star Trek: The Animated Series, Helen Mirren the action hero, and an incredibly ill-conceived café in Indonesia.

Geri Halliwell, aka “Ginger Spice”, is working on a TV show called Life Sucks. Here’s a clip. - [Vulture]

Archer plus Star Trek: The Animated Series: Somehow, this makes perfect sense. - [Uproxx]

Looking for a theme for your new café? You can probably do better than THE NAZIS. - [Death and Taxes]

Much has been made of Hollywood’s failure to produce a new generation of action stars. Maybe it’s time to give Helen Mirren a shot. - [The Week]

Otters attacking humans: Apparently a thing that actually happens. - [Daily Mail]

Lucy Johnson went missing in 1961. And just last month, 52 years later, she turned up. - [Newser]

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