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9 Kinds Of People Who Will Love The BuzzFeed DIY Newsletter

Get crafty.

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1. Craft Fanatics

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No matter how hard you try, you can't imagine a greater thrill than making things. From sweaters and scarves to bookshelves, holiday decorations, and beyond, nothing makes you happier than looking around your home and seeing things you've crafted yourself — except giving them away to the people you love.

2. Neat Freaks


You’re a container-stacking, Ikea-hacking, clutter-busting knight in spotlessly shining armor, and coming across ingenious storage and organization solutions gives you an endorphin rush every time. Life is messy, sure. But you love learning new ways to make sure your house isn't.

3. Self-Improvers

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For you, every single day is an opportunity to grow, whether you’re trying to make your work habits more efficient, get into better shape, or figure out ways to make the most of your mornings. You know that you're capable of being a high-performance machine, so you're always looking for smart ways to upgrade.

4. Design Junkies

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Your walls are covered in gorgeous prints, your shelves and coffee table are strewn with vintage finds, and your Instagram feed is a lovingly curated work of art. Nothing makes your heart sing quite like being surrounded by pretty things, and finding new ones — plus new ways to get or to make them — always makes your day.

5. Girls On The Go

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In a perfect world, you’d have tons of time to figure out your look every morning. But your alarm never went off and the hot water is out again and traffic has been terrible all week, so any help getting your hair, makeup and nails together — preferably with tips and tutorials you can actually understand — is pretty much a lifesaver.

6. DIY Beginners

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You've been pinning like a pro for a while now, but you've decided that it's time to take the next step and get your DIY on for real. Before you can build the rustic barn-inspired treehouse of your dreams, though, you need small, simple projects to start out with. Hey, you gotta walk before you can run.

7. Tiny House Dwellers

OK, so your apartment is smaller than a walk-in closet you saw on TV once, but that doesn't mean you can't live in style. You love finding clever new ways to make the most of your little space; where others see a problem, you see potential. Who says your home has to be the size of a castle to feel like one?

8. Tattoo Enthusiasts / Via

Putting a permanent piece of art on your body is one of the most meaningful gestures you can make, and whether you’re a tattoo-parlor veteran or thinking about getting inked for the first time, you love to look at – and daydream about – gorgeous tattoos. Inspiration can come from anywhere, and you never want to miss out.

9. Anyone On A Budget

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Why buy when you can DIY? You’re always on the lookout for smart ways to save money, whether that means replacing household staples with homemade equivalents, repurposing your old stuff into something new, or just being smarter when you shop.

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