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Raise Your Kitchen Game With The BuzzFeed Food Newsletter!

Hungry for amazing new recipes? Then the BuzzFeed Food newsletter is for you!

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Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed

Who it's for: Healthy eaters, fast-food fiends, and everyone in between. People who always order dessert. Unapologetic booze hounds. Anyone hungry for a life-changing new recipe, or a fresh spin on an old favorite.

What you'll get: Amazing recipes ranging from vegan versions of your favorite comfort foods to grilled cheeses that are better than any boyfriend. Delicious ways to make your weeknights a snap, like these super-simple one-pot pastas or genius three-ingredient recipes. Kitchen essentials that everyone should learn in their twenties. Mouthwatering desserts that will make everything better. Cocktails ranging from incredibly easy-to-make classics to boozy showstoppers like these XXL watermelon Jell-O shots. And much more!

When you'll get it: Wednesday and Sunday.

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