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    19 Signs You Should Curl Up With The BuzzFeed Books Newsletter

    Is your life all books, all the time? Then our newsletter might be for you.

    1. You're in the middle of an amazing book right now.

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    Or maybe more than one. Hey, who's counting?

    2. But you're already trying to figure out what's next.

    3. You routinely ask people to quiet down so you can read.

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    Or give them a death stare until they get the point. Either way.

    4. Because nothing going on around you is ever NEARLY as interesting as what's happening in a good book.

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    5. You’ve cried at the death of a beloved character, quite possibly in public...

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    6. And you've had more book hangovers than you can begin to count.

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    Why isn't emotional recovery time an acceptable excuse to miss work, exactly?

    7. You don't just read books, though: You wear them, maybe even on your skin.

    8. And pretty much all your jokes refer to books, whether or not anyone around you knows what you're talking about.

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    9. It's basically impossible for you to be good friends with someone who dislikes your favorite author.

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    10. But you light up every single time you find out that someone new loves the same books you do.

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    11. Speaking of favorites, though: Being asked to pick just one pretty much makes your brain explode, because HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY DO THAT?

    12. Especially when you’re always just a turn of the page away from falling in love all over again.

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    13. Reorganizing your bookshelves is one of your favorite rainy-day activities. Or sunny-day activities. Or night activities.

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    Although realistically, your poor bookshelves don't stand a chance.

    14. And needless to say, you are VERY friendly with everyone at your local bookstore.

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    15. You love to argue about what’s better, the book or the movie. (It’s always the book, but still.)

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    16. You know that when it comes to your favorite stories, you're never too old to be a young adult...

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    17. And no matter how much you grow up, you'll never, ever stop waiting for your Hogwarts letter.

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    18. You're genuinely baffled when you hear someone say that they just don't really like reading.

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    19. Because the worlds that books open up for you make life infinitely richer, and you couldn't begin to picture yourself without them.

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