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9 Kinds Of Readers Who Will Find Something To Love In The BuzzFeed Books Newsletter

So many books, so little time! But our newsletter will help you narrow it down.

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1. The Very Busy Reader

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You love to lose yourself in a good book, but you just don't have the time to keep up with everything new that comes out. Your free time is precious, and you need to know that when you pick up something new to read, it's going to reward your investment. So finding a trustworthy source of quality reads can be the difference between a truly great Sunday afternoon and one you'd rather close the book on.

2. The Fan

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Whether it's waiting two hours to get a book signed by your favorite author or lining up at midnight for the premiere of the latest Hunger Games movie, your passion for your favorite stories doesn't end when the books themselves do. A fabulous book-inspired tattoo or even wedding may very well be in your future.

3. The Wanderer

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For you, books have always been portals to other places, whether you're planning to retrace the footsteps of your favorite characters or pay a visit to the birthplace of the author who created them. You would give anything for just one hour in the world's most beautiful bookshops and libraries. The only thing more important to you than your passport is the book in your back pocket.

4. The List-Maker

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The world is overflowing with things to read, and you're doing your very best to read them all. Some people would just give up when faced with a list of every Pulitzer Prize-winning novel ever or 99 of the best mystery novels of all time, but not you, because nothing makes you happier than checking books off a list. You know you'll never quite get to everything, but isn't it wonderful to try?

5. The Writer


Whether you're putting the finishing touches on your first novel or writing lovingly detailed fan fiction on your Tumblr, you are always looking for ways to step up your writing game. You love getting an inside look at how some of the world's best authors do what they do and seeing what you can take away for your own work.

6. The Nostalgist

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All of your strongest memories are tied to books. From your worst moments to your best, the map of your life is displayed on your bookshelf; you'll never forget what you were reading the first time you fell in love and the first time you felt loss. Nothing makes your heart feel more full than revisiting those old moments — except creating new ones.

7. The Gift-Giver

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The only thing you love more than books are your friends and family, and you pride yourself on bringing them together through carefully thought-out gifts. You're always on the lookout for wonderful books or book-themed goodies to give your favorite people ... or maybe to keep for yourself every once in a while.

8. The Time Traveler

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Nothing fires your imagination more than traveling back in time through literary history. You love seeing old photos of authors, and reading handwritten letters is a thrill. To you, books are messages from one time to another, and being able to more fully envision the time and place from which your favorites were sent makes you enjoy them all the more.

9. The Know-It-All

As far as you're concerned, the only thing better than fiction is facts about fiction. Is there anything more fun in the world than learning fascinating new things about books and the authors who write them? (Honestly, who WOULDN'T want to know the 14 craziest places where erotic novelists have boned?) You're the life of the party, or at least the star of your local pub quiz.

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