Baby Wipes For Bro Butts Lead The Daily Links

Plus the top 10 Shakespearean pickup lines, lighting up with the stars of This Is The End, and an amazing story about Waka Flocka Flame’s role in one woman’s life.

Baby wipes for bro butts? BABY WIPES FOR BRO BUTTS. - [Betabeat]

Ever wonder what animals are thinking about? According to one researcher, we’re getting very close to being able to talk to them. - [The Atlantic Tech]

Photo by Jaren Jai Wicklund courtesy of Shutterstock

The stars of This Is The End seem to be having a really good time. A really, really, really good time. - [Rolling Stone]

Does your game need a college-level refresher course? Try out the top 10 Shakespearean pickup lines. - [Nerve]

Hilary Clinton sure does love making pantsuit jokes. No really, she does it all the time. - [Daily Intelligencer]

Is the cat fro the new cat beard? The cat-on-human fashion world is fickle, but this thing might have a chance. - [Catster]

You might not expect a 53-year-old white woman to be into Waka Flocka Flame. But going to one of his concerts changed this woman’s life forever. - [Uproxx]

A 12-year-old stand-up comic shouldn’t actually be this funny. But here we are. - [Death and Taxes]

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