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    The Most Disturbing Use Of Mayo In Human History Leads The Daily Links

    Plus your new favorite Pomeranian, British Prime Minister David Cameron's war on porn, and the machine that lets you drink your own sweat.


    Lots of people find mayo upsetting as it is. But this... This is a nightmare. - [Uproxx]


    A woman in Japan slipped and got pinned between her train and the platform. And what happened next was absolutely inspiring. - [RocketNews24]

    Meet Jack the blind Pomeranian. He survived cancer and a puppy mill, and he's got a long, adorable life ahead of him. - [Dogster]

    This is Mos Espa, the early home of young Anakin in Star Wars: Episode I. And just recently, this bit of science fiction helped scientists figure out actual scientific facts. - [The Atlantic Tech]

    "Blurred Lines" mashed up with the Growing Pains theme song? Move over, Robin: It's your dad Alan Thicke's turn. - [Vulture]

    British Prime Minister David Cameron is trying to ban porn. That might not work out too well. - [The Week] / Via

    Got no idea what you're supposed to do with all this sweat? Thanks to a Swedish invention, you can drink it. - [Betabeat]