A Freaking Terrifying Stairway To Nowhere Leads The Daily Links

Plus the 20 most powerful celebrity babies, Alan Cumming reading whatever gets put in front of him, and the 8-bit video game version of Anchorman.

Austria’s Dachstein Glacier resort recently completed construction on a “stairway to nothingness.” The view is spectacular, if absolutely terrifying. - [Daily Mail]

Alan Cumming’s Scottish brogue can make anything sound impressive. Even porn DVD titles. Or Ryan Lochte tweets. - [Vulture]

Did the world really need an 8-bit video game version of Anchorman? Um, obviously. - [FilmDrunk]

How does the .00001% live? Get to know Sergey Veremeenko, Russian oligarch. - [VICE]

This is the official Shed of the Year. Take a closer look: It seems really, really cozy. - [Treehugger]

Who are the most powerful celebrity babies? These are the top 20. - [The Daily Beast]

John Brawley / Reuters

Just imagine: You’re surfing along, minding your own business, when all of a sudden you get knocked unconscious by a whale. - [HuffPostUK]

Monika Graff / Getty Images

Joey Chestnut has now won seven Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contests in a row. So it shouldn’t be surprising that he can party like a champ. - [BroBible]

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