9 Videos You Can’t Miss This Week

Featuring one hilariously unlucky French cat, the world’s tiniest, most adorable salsa dancers, and a group of women singing while reaching orgasm. (Yup.)

1. If Women’s Roles In Movies Were Played By Men

Movies tend to lock female characters into the same objectified positions over and over. So what happens when you put men into those roles instead? (2:01)

3. Oh, Just A Bunny Eating Raspberries

But what a bunny it is! Must-see bunny, no doubt about it. (0:34)

5. TV Host Almost Shoots Herself With Nail Gun

Feel like screaming at your screen? Watch Sarah Harris of Australia’s Studio 10 unwittingly aim a nail gun right at her face. (1:11)

7. Cat Runs Right Into Glass Door

Some poor cat ran smack into a glass door during a French TV baking show. It was completely and totally amazing. (0:10)

9. The Tiniest, Most Adorable Salsa Dancers Ever

Salsa dancers Kevin Tellez and Beberly Devers are just six and seven years old respectively. But you wouldn’t know it from their mind-blowing footwork. (1:48)

11. Rock-Paper-Scissors Cute!

What language barrier? YouTuber Lewis Wake played the cutest game of rock-paper-scissors ever with a little Japanese girl on a train. (0:31)

13. The Orgasm Sing-A-Long

This week in “wait what is happening”: Dutch band ADAM made a music video where they sing while reaching orgasm. Yup. (2:41)

15. What It’s Like Having Sisters, Then Vs. Now

This lovely then-and-now look at growing up with sisters makes one thing very clear: The best things in life never change. (2:44)

17. Man Films Himself Dancing 100 Days Straight

And finally, something delightful: YouTuber Matt Bray filmed himself doing the same dance routine 100 days in a row, with this awesome video as the result. (2:35)

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