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    9 Videos You Can't Miss This Week

    Featuring the most insanely funny version of "Let It Go" yet, the Dutch reporter who went for an accidental swim, and what it would look like if girls hit on guys like guys hit on girls.

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    An Insanely Funny Lip Sync Of "Let It Go"

    A Korean man went on a variety show and lip-synced "Let It Go" in full costume. This is perfection. (2:48)

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    78-Year-Old Rides Roller Coaster For The First Time, Is Adorably Delighted

    As part of their "Firsts" campaign, Vodafone sent Ria on her very first roller coaster ride. The look on her face is 100% pure joy. (0:55)

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    What It's Like To Run 135 Miles

    Think your workouts are tough? Last January, 41-year-old Josh Spector decided to push himself to his limits by running in the Brazil 135, an ultramarathon that takes place in Caminho da Fé. (4:26)

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    Proof That Solar Flares Are Really Freaking Cool

    NASA released this spectacular video of a solar flare this week. It's so amazing that it almost looks fake. (0:44)

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    Dutch Reporter Makes A Splash

    This poor reporter fell into a river right in the middle of interviewing the mayor. Sometimes it just isn't your day. (0:32)

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    The Totally Awesome A-Z Of Dance

    This ad is so, so great. Diesel, i-D and Jogg Jeans teamed up to demonstrate 26 different kinds of dance using the alphabet, and the results are glorious. (3:34)

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    Tiny Dog Walks On Hands, Is Much Too Cute

    OK, technically they're not hands. But still: THIS POMERANIAN IS WALKING ON HIS HANDS. (0:16)

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    Surprising People With Strangers' First Impressions

    These people were asked to look into a mirror and describe what they saw. But they didn't know there were strangers on the other side of the glass. (2:33)

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    If Girls Hit On Guys Like Guys Hit On Girls

    The catcalls, the "help" at the gym... This video makes it clear how completely ridiculously creepy all of this really is. (1:14)

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