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    9 Videos You Can't Miss This Week

    Featuring a little girl's incredibly moving act of generosity, Jurassic Park with cats instead of dinosaurs, and a heartbreaking "second a day" video that imagines the impact of Syria's war on London's children.

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    What Languages Sound Like To Foreigners

    What do different languages sound like to people who don't speak them? Like the perfectly-accented sentences of pure gibberish that Finnish YouTuber smoukahontas strings together in this incredibly fun video. (1:45)

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    What It's Like To Be Out Of Shape At The Gym

    Getting back to the gym for the first time in a while is pretty much the worst. Come on, just one more sit-up and you can have a taco! (1:46)

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    The Little Girl Who Donated Her Hair To Help Other Kids

    When three-year-old Emily James found out that sick kids lose their hair during treatment, she decided to do something about it. Read more about Emily's heartwarming act here. (2:23) / Via

    Jurassic Park, But With Cats

    This week in adorably terrifying: Jurassic Park's iconic kitchen scene with giant, meowing cats in place of the velociraptors. Well played, We Are Camera Studio. (1:08)

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    If Syria's War Came Home To Your Children

    What would it look like if London's children shared the experiences of their Syrian peers? This heartbreaking video by Save The Children UK imagines a dark year in a young girl's life, one second at a time. (1:34)

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    Stunning Time Lapse Of Yosemite National Park

    It took Colin Delehanty and Sheldon Neill ten months of backpacking to gather the footage for this dazzling short. Be sure to watch in full screen, and learn more about Project Yosemite here. (5:24)

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    The Most Delightfully Indescribable Video You'll See This Week

    It's not entirely clear WHY these two naked guys are dancing with their towels, but it sure is fantastic to watch! Major hat tip to Cates Holderness for this gift. (3:48)

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    Two Dogs Teach The World How To Share Ice Cream

    Cooper and Daisy both love ice cream, but they're pretty darn good at sharing it. There's an important lesson here for all of us. (0:43)

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    How It Feels To Come Out

    Every coming-out story is different. But these six stories do have one key thing in common: They're all incredibly inspiring. (2:46)

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