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9 Videos You Can't Miss This Week

Featuring President Obama's hilarious interview with Zach Galifianakis, an impossibly cute exchange between a mother and her daughter on stranger danger, and a delightful look at breakfast around the world.

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Strangers Kissing Each Other For The First Time

In this ad for Wren Studio, 20 strangers were asked to kiss on first meeting. It was awkward at first, but then pretty magical. And by the way: The dog version is also highly recommended. (3:29)

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President Obama's Funniest Interview Ever

The president was a guest on "Between Two Ferns," Zach Galifianakis's fake talk show. Click here for a really cool inside look at how this incredibly funny episode happened. (6:37)

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What Does The World Eat For Breakfast?

Sure, you could just have a cup of coffee in the morning. But after this delightful look at how countries around the world do breakfast, you'll want much more than that. (1:49)

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Kevin Bacon Explains The '80s To Millenials

Kevin Bacon is sick and tired of the lack of '80s awareness among today's youth. So he teamed up with Mashable to produce this very important PSA. (1:52)

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The Most Adorable Mother-Daughter Exchange You'll See This Week

This exchange between a mother and her daughter on what to say when strangers try to talk to you is almost impossibly cute. Keep an eye out for one of the best shoulder shimmies of all time! (0:58)

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All The Air Travel In Europe In One Amazing Video

This gorgeous data visualization by air traffic control provider NATS shows all of Europe's air traffic on a typical summer day. It's pretty stunning to watch. (1:59) / Via

Oh, Just Arnold Schwarzenegger Crushing Things In A Tank

Watching Arnold drive around crushing things in his tank is ridiculously entertaining as it is. But the best part? It's for charity! (1:51)

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What Happens When You Hire The Muppets As Interns

BuzzFeed recently decided to give the Muppets a chance as interns. To be perfectly honest, though, they left a lot to be desired. (2:22)

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The Cutest Possible Case For Cupcakes

This three-year-old REALLY wants a cupcake for dinner. And his argument to his mom for why he needs one is pretty adorable. (2:36)

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