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9 Videos You Can't Miss This Week

Featuring the world's cutest little girl experiencing rain for the first time, a breathtakingly crazy sky-high stunt, and Canada's awesome response to Russia's anti-LGBT propaganda.

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Celebs Reading Mean Tweets About Themselves

Jimmy Kimmel sometimes likes to catch celebrities up on what people are saying about them. It isn't always so nice. (3:06)

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Little Girl Sees Rain For The First Time, Is Adorably Delighted

15-month-old Kayden had never seen rain before. So when the clouds opened up and she went outside to play, she was absolutely thrilled. (2:37)

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The Most Heartwarming Ad You'll See This Week

A father teaches himself to read for an incredibly sweet reason. Be sure to grab the tissues before you watch this spot for Bell's Whisky South Africa. (2:02)

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An Insanely Breathtaking Sky-High Stunt

Want to see something completely crazy? Watch the Skyliners try to walk a tightrope suspended between two hot air balloons. (4:25)


Canada's Awesome Response To Russia's Anti-LGBT Propaganda

You will never, ever see the luge the same way again. Well played, Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion. (0:33)

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All The Embarrassing Things Dads Say In The Car

There are certain things your dad only says to you in the car. It's probably best that they stay there. (1:56)


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Kid Breaks Down In Tears Listening To A Sad Song

Mark Blitch was in the car with his four-year-old son when A Great Big World's "Say Something" featuring Christina Aguilera came on. The little guy was pretty darn moved. (1:09)

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One Of The Most Stunning Versions Of The U.S. National Anthem You'll Ever Hear

Prepare yourself for chills. At 11 PM every night of the Kentucky Music Educators Association conference, all 1,000 members of the Kentucky All-State Choir go out to the balconies at the Hyatt Louisville to sing the national anthem together. This is what it sounds like. (3:24)


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The Rejected Languages From Coca-Cola's Multilingual Super Bowl Ad

The commercial was wonderfully inclusive, yes. But leaving out Klingon and dolphin probably did make sense. (1:19)