9 Videos You Can’t Miss This Week

Featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger undercover as a personal trainer, an amazing music video documenting the power of digital retouching, and a hilarious Her parody called Him starring Seth Rogen as the OS.

1. More Hilariously Bad Lip Readings Of NFL Players

Football players plus absurd lip-reading voiceovers equals pure comedy gold. Be sure to check out the first NFL installment by Bad Lip Reading, too! (3:47)

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Personal Trainer

The former Governator in a terrible fake mustache and ponytail, pretending to work at a Gold’s Gym? Yes, please, and thank you. (2:30)

5. If “Her” Were “Him”

And if the movie’s self-aware operating system were played by noted stoner Seth Rogen. This is glorious. (2:26)

7. The Incredible Power Of Digital Retouching

Just how far does technology go to produce “beauty”? Hungarian singer Boggie’s stunning new video documents the retouching process in real time. (3:33)

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/83502019.

9. The Most Delightful Dancing Stormtroopers You’ll Ever See

Being one of the stormtroopers from Star Wars is hard work: all you do is run around and get shot at. But thanks to hip-hop artists Scott & Brendo, they get a much-needed twerk break. (2:13)

11. Ron Jeremy Like A Wrecking Ball

That’s right: This video puts legendary porn star Ron Jeremy in Miley Cyrus’s place. There is nothing you can do to prepare yourself for what you’re about to see. (3:54)

13. Why You Shouldn’t Taste-Test Upsetting Vintage Recipes

We prepared some of the very strangest dishes of the ’60s and ’70s and asked our coworkers to try them. They weren’t exactly thrilled. (2:14)

15. What Happens When Lava Hits Cans Of Coke

This is completely and totally mesmerizing. The lesson? Don’t keep your soda on the side of an active volcano. (1:43)

17. Do You Work In An Office?

If you do, every single one of these things will happen to you sooner or later. Offices are weird places, man. (2:23)

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