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    9 Videos You Can't Miss This Week

    Featuring beautifully animated classical paintings, one of the most adorable proposals you'll ever see, and the guy who danced across China for 100 days.

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    The Insanely Funny "Devil Baby Attack" Prank

    As a viral marketing stunt for the film Devil's Due, an animatronic "devil baby" took some unsuspecting people by surprise. Their reactions were basically priceless. (1:49)

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    An Actor Playing Peter Pan Proposes To His Wendy

    Prepare yourself to melt. During a recent performance of a Peter Pan musical in Glasgow, actor Sandor Sturbl stopped the show to pop the question to Lilly-Jane Young, the actress playing Wendy, and it was pretty much the best. (3:22)

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    When Paintings Come To Life

    Want to see something really amazing? Using an animation technique called 2.5D, this short film by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro brings a series of classical paintings to beautiful, haunting life. (9:49) / Via

    Listen Up, Dog Is Talking!

    Blaze the husky doesn't want to go in his kennel. And he is NOT afraid to say so. (1:33)

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    A Woman's Final Months Battling Cancer As Told Through Her Tweets

    Amanda passed away in April. But when Shannon McKarney, a digital consultant from Toronto, found her Twitter account, she decided to put together this incredibly moving video documenting the last few months of her life. Read more about this story here. (4:12)

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    The Most Intense Olympics Ad You'll Ever See

    Sure, the competition at the Sochi Olympics is going to be heated. But the BBC's official trailer makes it seem like it's going to be the winter-sports version of Game of Thrones. (1:11)

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    Don't Act Like You're In A Video Game, OK?

    Because if you did the things you do in video games in real life, it would be creepy. Really, really creepy. (1:55)

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    The Guy Who Danced Across China For 100 Days

    Most people who study abroad just post lots of photos to Facebook and Instagram. But Dartmouth student Jake Gaba made one of the most delightful dance videos you'll ever see. (3:15)

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    The McDonald's Secret Menu Taste Test

    How was everything BuzzFeed tried from the legendary McDonald's secret menu? Let's put it this way: You win some, you lose some. (2:05)

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