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9 Videos You Can't Miss This Week

Featuring Pulp Fiction as an 8-bit video game, one of the greatest pregnancy announcements you'll ever see, and a little kid rocking adorably out to "Wrecking Ball."

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These People Are Running Across A Pool And It's Freaking Awesome

Are these people walking on water? Not exactly: They're running and dancing across 2,100 gallons of a non-Newtonian fluid called "oobleck" made up of water and corn starch. Water or not, though, this ad by Malaysia's Hong Leong Bank is unbelievably fun. (2:32)

One Of The Most Brilliant Pregnancy Announcements Of All Time

When Brandon and Robin found out they were expecting, they came up with an amazingly fun way to tell everyone. Regular old phone calls and emails are going to have a very hard time living up to this. (1:39)

Because Not Being Able To Fall Asleep Is The Worst

Tommy can't fall asleep, so he tries everything we all try when we can't fall asleep. The rest of the Long Story Short series is also incredibly funny, so do check it out! (3:44)

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Polar Bear Cub Takes First, Adorable Steps

This li'l cutie was born at the Toronto Zoo on November 9th, 2013. Go baby go! (1:24)

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Pulp Fiction As An 8-Bit Video Game

This old-school Nintendo-style take on Quentin Tarantino's classic is pretty darn awesome. All the gold stars for CineFix. (2:30)

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Oh, Just A Woman Eating A 72 Oz. Steak In Under Three Minutes

When 120-pound competitive eater and mother of four Molly Schuyler entered Sayler's to take their steak challenge, the Guinness World Record for consuming a 72 oz. steak stood at 6 minutes and 48 seconds. Yeah, she did it just a little bit faster than that. (3:51)

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7 Super-Fun Google Secrets You Need To See

Did you know you can make Google into a video game? There's lots of other great tricks hidden in there, too. (1:35)

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Every Single F-Bomb In The Wolf Of Wall Street

Just how foul-mouthed is everyone in Martin Scorcese's latest? By Slacktory's count, Wolf features "522 audible, intelligible f**ks." That's, um, a lot. (4:30)

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Little Kid Experiences The Raw Power Of "Wrecking Ball"


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