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8 Web Videos You Can't Miss This Week

Featuring the hilarious "official trailer" for Alfonso Cuarón's IKEA, a dark, gritty new take on Super Mario, and Jean-Claude Van Damme's incredibly cool ad for Volvo Trucks.

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Watch 20 Women Recreate When Harry Met Sally's Fake Orgasm Scene At Once

Improv Everywhere went to Katz's and had twenty women join in when an actress dressed as Meg Ryan's character had her big moment. Needless to say, it was absolutely insane. (2:39)

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Is This The Most Epic Split Of All Time?

Jean-Claude Van Damme recently starred in this ad for Volvo Trucks. SPOILER ALERT: It's unbelievably badass. (1:17)

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In IKEA, No One Can Hear You Scream

Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity plus a routine trip to IKEA equals pure parody brilliance. Because you never realize how freaking terrifying those places really are until you get lost in one. (2:16)

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Super Mario As Reimagined By A Hollywood Screenwriter

"Somethin's broke, I fix it": This is Evan Daugherty's The Fixer, a short film that, as Variety puts it, offers a "darker, grittier" take on Nintendo's Mario. Daugherty, who wrote Snow White and the Huntsman and Divergent, has also written incredibly cool treatments of Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad. (2:50)

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A Mesmerizing, Disturbing Look At Industrialized Food Production

This hauntingly beautiful clip from a film called SAMSARA – the Sanskrit term meaning "the ever-turning wheel of life" – may very well change the way you look at food forever. (6:15)

Things Kids Do That Would Be Creepy If Adults Did Them

Don't moo in public. Just don't. (1:14)

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Behold The Cookie Dance

Sure, "Chip Chocolate" may not be a real rapper. But it's pretty hard not to enjoy a music video that features "sexy" Girl Scouts making cookies and guys in cow suits passed out by a pool. (3:31)

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Little Girl Walks On Ice For The First Time, Is Face-Meltingly Adorable

Can't even. (0:16)

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