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    The NFL's First Female Official Leads The Daily Links

    Plus 25 other titles for Jay-Z's new album, an incredibly ironic way to learn social skills, and Simon Helberg as Nicolas Cage as Abraham Lincoln.


    Meet Sarah Thomas. She's very close to becoming the NFL's first permanent female official. - [Daily Mail]


    The title of Jay-Z's new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, is pretty grandiose. But he might have considered these 25 equally silly titles instead. - [Vulture]

    Facebook: FriendsOfEmmaCleftPalateChihuahua / Via

    This li'l cutie has a pretty good reason to smile: She and her siblings survived the aftermath of the Oklahoma tornado after their mother rejected them. - [Dogster]! / Via

    MIT's idea of how to teach social skills: An automated conversation coach that students talk to instead of actually talking to other people. - [Betabeat]

    iStockphoto / Via

    By now you know what the White House, intelligence officials, and the blogosphere thinks about Edward Snowden. But what about the Chinese public? - [The Fiscal Times]


    Can you hum the music from the Legend of Zelda games? Then you might want to hear it performed by a full symphony. - [ReadWrite]

    Simon Helberg as Nicolas Cage as Abraham Lincoln: Don't ask questions, just watch it. - [TeamCoco]

    Today in outdoor spaces you'd kill to have: The garden at design guru Simon Doonan's summer house. - [Gardenista]

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