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    11 Baby Animals Who Fell Asleep At 'Lincoln'

    A lot of people enjoyed Lincoln over Thanksgiving weekend. These li'l cuties were not among them.

    1. This mouse rolled his li'l mouse eyes every time a lonely trumpet sounded.


    2. This chipmunk knew he was in trouble right from the start, when the movie's idea of an attention-grabbing opening scene was having a bunch of random guys recite the Gettysburg Address.

    3. If these leopards had wanted to look at a diorama, they would've made one themselves.

    4. This puppy thought there were going to be vampires.


    "Abraham Lincoln: Amendment Passer"? No thanks.

    5. This bear cub tunes out when he feels like he's being lectured.


    6. This kitten has never seen a stiffer, more lifeless movie. Seriously, it was like reading a history textbook.

    7. This hedgehog felt bad because America, but she just couldn't.

    8. This chimpanzee found the endless parade of name actors playing historical figures to be tedious.

    Oh look. It's James Spader. Yawn.

    9. This squirrel KNEW he should've seen 'Skyfall' instead.

    10. These red pandas appreciated the artistry of Daniel Day-Lewis's portrayal of Lincoln, but felt that the filmmakers' reverent attitude toward their subject matter gave him very little room to work with.

    11. And this duckling was just sleepy.

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