100 Pop-Culture Things That Make You A Millennial Lead The Daily Links

Plus the most epic flag football speech that will ever happen, an impressively age-inappropriate “naughty” Halloween costume, and definitive proof that animals don’t belong on the red carpet.

The beloved Fresh Prince theme song: Just one item on this massive list of the 100 pieces of pop culture that resonate most with millennials. - [Vulture]

Jim Smeal / BEImages / Via refinery29.com

After exhaustive research and analysis, the conclusion is clear: Animals do NOT belong on the red carpet. - [Refinery29]

Is this the most epic speech that’s ever been delivered before a flag football game? Just listen to this guy go: It HAS to be. - [BroBible]

Every year there are more “naughty xyz” costumes for women. But do they really need to start making them for two-year-olds? - [Cosmopolitan]

Is the Hall of Fame the greatest honor a baseball player can attain? No, it’s obviously having a fan present you with a painting of yourself as a centaur. - [With Leather]

By now we’re all used to seeing GIFs all over the place. But there’s one area you might not have know they’re becoming popular: In illustrations. - [Wired]

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