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Which Nick Are You?

Either way you lose!

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  1. What's ur name?

  2. What's ur biggest secret?

    I'm secretly British
    I'm a robot
    I'm an a meme.
  3. Who is your archenemy?

    Inferior humans
    The Great Dane
  4. Be honest. How do you feel about Victoria?

    Eh. I'm over her.
    She's my best friend but I'd never tell her.
    We're friends, but the touchy-touchy with her is ehhhhh
  5. What's your favorite class?

    English. Sorry JSteves.
  6. Where do you plan on going to college?

    A good school, I guess?
    I'm planning on skipping college, inventing a software that enables robots to communicate with humans, and then making millions while rigging presidential elections all over the world.
    Let's face it. We all know it's going to be Harvard or Yale.
  7. What is your strategy for talking to girls?

    I don't need one, I'm a natural lady magnet.
    Um...I don't really talk to girls. Ever. Like ever. What? There's a girl? No.
    I mean I don't like talking to anyone, but if they're cool I'm cool.
  8. What book would you most likely be reading?

    A post human fantasy book outlining the various struggles between different tribes.
    The Quran
    One of the great classics.
  9. Finally. Which Nick do you THINK you are?

    Nick Durkin obviously.
    I'm not a Nick tbh

Which Nick Are You?

You got: Nick Daines

You are a meme. The meme queen. You like languages, and are very introverted (well like every Nick). You hate people in general actually, so it's hard for you to open up and discuss your true feelings. But you wouldn't want to anyway. Why would you associate with commoners? You slouch and you HATE English teachers.

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You got: Nick Cheng

You are a bae. People scream your names in the hallway. You're most likely to be transported into the Downton Abbey universe b/c of your British aristocratic accent. You pretend to hate Victoria but ur actually in love with her. You are sophisticated and talented, but JSteves hates ur guts. Sorry!

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You got: Nick Durkin

We can't say anything bad at you, cause ur probably going to invent the next Facebook and we want to get in on that. You're pretty quiet, but that's only cause ur better than everyone else and talking to them would decrease ur mental capabilities. People call you Durk, but you wouldn't know that b/c you don't care. You should work on ur selfie skills.

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