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11 Reasons Why PR Is Awesome

People have mixed opinions about a career in PR. Some love it, others want to run far from it. I for one am all about that life. Here's why.

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Never a dull moment / Via

Every day is different. Different clients, different stories. 'Boring,' what's that!?

Social media is our life / Via

We get to be on Twitter for work! #YAY

Socializing 4eva / Via

You meet new people ALL THE TIME. From media to client collaborators, you’re always growing your network with so many cool and interesting people!

Events 5eva / Via

Ya can't spell PARTY without PR!

You get to play dress-up more times than in most careers because of all the events you organize or are invited to. And it’s usually open bar so…

We're trendsetters ya'll / Via

You always know what’s trending or predict what will be hot in the near future and everyone relies on you for your advice. No biggie.

You work wherever you want / Via

You never have to be stuck in one industry. You can work in a field that interests you or jump from industry to industry with multiple clients so you always get to do what you love!

Solving problems is satisfying / Via

There’s nothing more fulfilling than being faced with a problem, being responsible for solving it, and coming up with answers that make everyone’s lives easier. It’s a confidence boost and always keeps your brain working.

Lots of coffee and alcohol

D U H.

You're surrounded by creativity / Via

You’re always learning and discovering new stories and ideas. You appreciate a good story and enjoy the process because it inspires creativity for your own work.

Early access to information / Via

Be it a crisis or the newest products, you’re always the first one to learn about it.

Lots of Swag

This might not be true for some industries but in fashion and lifestyle PR, UM HELLO FREE STUFF!

It's simply fabulous and not everyone can do it

Lastly, it's demanding, tough, and takes a lot of effort and energy. But if you truly love what you do, you feel fabulous and exactly like Miss Skeleton up there!

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