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    • rrclinger

      1. Habit tracker! When I first started, it was the thing that ensured I used my bujo every day, because I wanted credit for the good things I did. I would fill in my habits, and then sometimes end up making a journal entry, and then thinking about a to-do list, and then my bujo just became a companion.  2. A second notebook for bujo ideas. At first, I had fun looking at layouts and pretties, and I wanted to completely change my journal at least twice a day. Having a place to put all of those ideas gave them time to cool down, and I ended up with a nice library of ideas so I can mix it up if I get bored. This is better than pinterest because only the ideas you really like end up on paper and you can customize from the original. Also, when looking through this notebook again, you will choose based on functionality, not on whose layout had the prettiest handwriting or the color scheme you liked best (although those things should also go in there, just separate from the layouts). 3. Invest in nice things, especially the notebook. Get exactly what you want- color, size, pen holder, paper feel, aura, bookmarks, smell, whatever. Just like buying a nice pair of running shoes, spending some money means you’ll be more invested and you’ll have the tools to really enjoy what you’re doing.

    • rrclinger

      If you think some of this information is stupid, go watch “Worst Cooks in America”. New cooks don’t automatically know everything that people who grew up cooking take for granted. It’s a great introduction to the wide variety of foods we’re lucky to have available to us (such as Meyer lemons), and even introduces experienced cooks to new information. I think it’s important for people to know what they’re eating (plain v. vanilla yogurt, for instance) because often poor food choices stem from lack of education. Do you know how much sugar is in that yogurt? Do you know the max amount of added sugar recommended by health experts? Do you know what happens to your body if you eat to much sugar? Someone who drinks sodas every day is missing some of this information.
      I always have trouble telling parsley and cilantro apart- even in my garden I grow curly-leaf parsley so I don’t get them confused. This is the first time I saw a great memory trick for it! I’ve never used radicchio before, but now that I know something about it, I’ll try it. Thanks for putting this article together!

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