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Why Choose Maldives For Your Next Vacation?

What is it about the Maldives that entices travellers from all over the world? Unbelievably, other than silvery beaches, turquoise waters and incredible marine life you and I know about, Maldives has so much more!

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Awe-inspiring water-sports

Manu_san_felix / Via

The all-time water sport enthusiast might have tried good old kayaking, canoeing, water skiing and other water sports. However, the newest water sport craze out there is both sea bobbing and fly boarding. Try out the Seabob water sled - the personal submarine to glide beneath the waves.

Luxury hotels

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If luxury pampering is what you are looking for, you cannot miss innovative luxury accommodation perched over the strikingly beautiful beaches. Adaaran Club Rannalhi is one such resort that offers Water Bungalows built for those who crave unencumbered access to the deep seas out there.

Jaw dropping sunsets

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The tropical paradise brings about an array of capture-worthy sunsets. Ideal for honeymooners on an island escape, the stunning sunsets are perfect to amp up the romantic ambiance.

The marine life

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Surrounded with a complex of low-lying coral islands, Maldives is undoubtedly the ultimate destination for that unforgettable underwater experience. An otherworldly spectacle with walls and spires that plunge to depth of 40 metres, the spectacular dive sites with an extensive pelagic life is a great start for diving novices and pros.

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