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Unforgettable Experiences In Seychelles

From diving under the azure waters to lounging by the ivory sands, when in Seychelles, things to do are aplenty. Here are some activities well worth trying when on holiday.

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Water sports

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The azure waters that surround Seychelles are perfect for diving and snorkelling. The Shark Banks is the best diving spot in this destination where you will be dazzled by a myriad of marine life.

Sunset strolling

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The things you can do in Seychelles offer memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. To experience the best, find Seychelles resorts by the shore such as Berjaya Praslin Resort where you can easily access the beach and enjoy a stroll on the soft sand while taking in a spectacular sunset.

Oh, Victoria!

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Before you get excited; Victoria is only the capital city of Seychelles! If Victoria was a lady she’ll be one heck of a catch. Everything about this tiny capital is captivating from the architecture, culture, and history. Discovering the city will only take you a day – on foot!

Get a massage

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Revitalize your body and senses by getting a tropical massage. You can calm your mind, hydrate your skin and relax your stiffened muscles as expert masseurs will work on invigorating your body.

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