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Tips On Planning A Pool Side Wedding In Colombo

Most brides dream of their fairytale wedding by the beach, but after logically assessing the sandy venue complete with broken coral and little crabs, most of them opt not to. A pool side wedding gives you the comfort of walking gracefully on freshly manicured lawns (We all know just how annoying sand can be in your shoes), while you also have a large (albeit, smaller than the sea) body of water nearby.

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If you prefer not to spend an exorbitant amount of money on flower arrangements, don’t worry! Sri Lanka’s natural floral options are plentiful and will not wilt away after a couple of hours. Combine frangipani, hibiscus, water lilies or other types to add some colour to your wedding. Wild flowers are SO in.


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Not sure what to do with the pool? Make floating flower arrangements or cute floating lanterns (or even both combined!) and let them sail with the chlorine currents. This will add a fiercely striking background to your pictures and certainly set the romantic wedding mood.


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Those who have visited Sri Lanka will know just how hot it can get during the day, and without proper shade, you might just perish (Just kidding, it’s not that bad). However, you will want to have ample outdoor shady spots, like canopies, cute umbrellas or even sunglasses! Canopies are great for day or night time weddings. It will also shelter (some, if not all) guests from the occasional bouts of rain.


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With many hotels in Colombo to choose from, choosing the right venue can be hard. Pool venues need to have ample space for tables and a dance floor. The outdoor infinity pool at Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo; known to be the biggest in the city is certainly a top pick with many couples, as it also overlooks a lake and looks great in pictures! (In case you were wondering, no, you can’t decorate the lake.)


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If your day wedding pool party goes well after the sun has set, decorate tables, trees, pools and the surrounding landscapes with lanterns, fairy lights and anything similar. Have the pool lights on or off for better effect, and decorate the pool with a few floating lanterns. Try out various styles and pick one that best chooses your theme and setting.

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