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Marine Safari In Sri Lanka

Grab those binoculars and head down to the sunny tropical island of Sri Lanka to spot some mammoth (and smaller) sized marine mammals!

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Where to go

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It’s time to leave the comforts of your galle villas, and head to the south for some whale watching! If you’re staying at a property in the south such as Mosvold Villas, head over to Mirissa for some whale watching off! The sunny town of Kalpitiya is another great place for marine safaris!

What to see

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The waters of Sri Lanka are usually great for sighting Blue whales, Sperm whales, various species of dolphins! Killer whales have also been recently spotted off the coast of Mirissa.

When to go

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The best season to spot these beautiful beasts of the ocean is usually between the months of November to April, where the seas are much calmer. So book your tickets accordingly! Boats usually leave the harbour at 6 a.m. as it’s the ideal time to spot these magnificent beasts.

How to go


As there are many safari tour operators around the areas, be sure to find a reputable and reliable service. Most tour operators will stay out at sea until you see a whale or dolphin, so you’ll never go back disappointed!

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