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Balapitiya - One Of Sri Lanka’s Instagram-Worthy Towns

Cruise by remote rural villages, pristine Buddhist temples, centuries old churches, lush green paddy fields, and mangrove marshes rich in birdlife. Driving down south, you will come across charming Balapitiya as well as fascinating attractions in and around the area.

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A wonderful sunset boat tour / Via

Located 80 km away from Colombo, the Madu River is a complex coastal ecosystem of mangroves and islands. Take a picturesque boat ride down Madu River; a relaxing river cruise through a thick mangrove forest. Cinnamon Island and Kothdoowa (Temple Island) are must visits!

Don’t forget to dip your feet in and get tickled by fish...they go bananas when people throw in pellets and it turns into a tickling frenzy!

Cycle to enjoy breathtaking vistas

Charlie / Via

Embark on a cycling excursion to discover everything from pristine beaches to picturesque paddy fields in Balapitiya. The best time to cycle is early before sunrise or towards sunset, unless you don’t mind sweating up a storm.

Yoga Retreats

Amba Ayurveda Boutique Hotel / Via

Yoga retreat is a great way to spend your holiday and nurture your spirituality. The forests of the south are home to some of the best options when it comes to an Ayurveda retreat in Sri Lanka, where the scenery is as blissful as the wellness classes. Many yoga retreats in Sri Lanka are combined with boutique accommodation such as Amba Ayurveda Boutique Hotel.

Adrenaline rich water sports


From white-water rafting to scuba diving, the island is ideal for many water-sports and boasts one of the top ten surf spots in the world. As the beach dominates this area, you can see a plethora of water sports like water skiing, jet skiing, banana boat rides, windsurfing etc.

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