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Amazing Beach Activities In Maldives

When you’re in Maldives, it’s easy to get lost in the idea of paradise and just sit there in disbelief at the beauty of the ‘screensaver’ type view of Maldives! But don’t worry, here’s some amazing water sports in Maldives Islands that you need to try!

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Tired of exploring the land? Rent a diving suit and other important diving gear and go explore the ocean world. Diving also allows you to explore the treasures of the underwater world, like ship wreck while swimming along giant sea turtles and whales! Remember not to touch anything though – it might bite.


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If you’re not too comfortable with diving about 40 meters under water, snorkelling is the next best option to discover the lively marine life. Most resorts such as Naladhu Maldives will have snorkelling gear that can be rented out and will even organize excursions to take you to neighbouring reefs! Doesn’t that sound exciting?!


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Of course you’ve heard of skiing on ice, but skiing on water?! Is that even possible? Heck yes. Slice through the water while being pulled from a speed boat. Warning: not for weak knees!


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It’s almost like surfing, except you’ve got a sail attached to your board. Once the sail picks up wind, get ready to look as cool as ever (maybe even more than a surfer!) as you wind surf through the azure waters of Maldives.


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This is great for those who want to stay out of the water for a while. Hop on board a kayak, alone or with someone else and paddle along the calm waters of the Maldivian sea while you take in the scenery.

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