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The 5 Worst Alcoholic Drinks Every College Student Regrets

No matter which one you drink, you will regret it in the morning.

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Natural Light Aka "Natty Lite" / Via

Most of us know this drink as "natty lite" or by its more fitting name, "piss water". Have you ever wondered what piss tasted like? Well after drinking "natty lite", I am sure you checked that off your bucket list. This beer is most commonly seen at frat houses, or being drank by frat guys randomly walking your college campus at the middle of the night. You never know what will happen at a college party, but the one thing that is guaranteed is that some random guy will come up to you and say "Where is your drink, let me get you one!", but don't be too excited… they will always hand you a "natty lite".

Burnett's Vodka / Via

Burnett’s vodka is hands down the worst vodka ever created. Rumor has it that the United States government makes its prisoners drink it as a torture technique. I have never seen a company offer so many different flavor combinations for a product, yet all the flavors be complete crap. Burnett’s Vodka tastes like you ate vomit, and then ate a piece of fruit. Burnett’s vodka taste like you made a fruit smoothie but mixed it with rubbing alcohol instead of water and fruit juice. Burnett’s Vodka tastes like... yeah, I think you guys get the point. I still have nightmares to this day about the time I thought it was a good idea to chug a bottle of Burnett’s Iced Tea vodka... Like Drake said, "Nothing was the same".

Four Loko

BoJack Horseman / Via

Four Loko is disgusting flavored caffeinated beer. At a whopping 12% alcohol for a 24 ounce can, it’s the equivalent of 4-6 beers in one giant can. Every sip gives you a little bit of nasty flavored ass with a semi-sweet aftertaste, and somehow makes you stay awake through the night to keep drinking. I forgot to mention, it’s banned in some countries and 5 states across the US... but don’t worry, every time the ABC store is closed, you’ll go to 7-11 and end up buying this drink to get messed up.

Everclear / Via

If you are ever considering drinking Everclear, please call 911 because you need some help. The only good thing about having Everclear at a party is that if you run out of it, you can just look in your medicine cabinet, and pull a bottle of rubbing alcohol, and no one will be able to tell the difference. A shot of Everclear is the easiest way to make a grown man cry and fall to his knees.

Jungle Juice / Via

Do we even know what it’s made out of? From dirt cheap vodka to trash quality tequila to rubbing alcohol everclear, you never know what’s going to be in your stomach. Mixing nasty liquors with sugary drinks never fails to get you to regret the next morning.

“How is my stomach somehow burning without even knowing?” Check.

“Am I not going to remember this night as a result?” Check.

“Will I be hungover for the next 12-24 hours?” Check.

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