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6 Great Team Building Resources For Free

Building great teams is the cornerstone of any productive, innovative company, organization or group. To do that requires more than a careful matching of skill sets and work methods. It also requires instilling a sense of comfort and ease among team members, as well as mutual respect and trust. Here are 6 great resources for people charged with creating team-building; whether at work, at school or for a project.

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1. BoostHQ

Teams are built with trust and constant communication. The BoostHQ web and mobile app allows you to make your team smarter and more powerful. BoostHQ makes knowledge sharing in teams super easy. You curate any type of content, share it and ignite real-time discussion on content that works. Your team now learns from everyone else's expertise and knowledge. BoostHQ allows you to harness the power of your people to not only make them better at what they do but also boosts their productivity. The mobile and web app is also completely free for a team with 5 members.

2. Ultimate Camp Resource

This is a virtual vault filled with free team-building games that help your team develop creative thinking, planning and problem solving. When you look them over, you can't help but wonder "who comes up with these things," and when you try them, you can see how they work. Among the games is a hugely entertaining charades race called FFEACH. That's just one of the many that really works.

3. Teampedia

If you never want to run out of ideas, this is your go-to site. It is a kind of encyclopedia of everything from icebreakers to team building activities that are applicable to an amazingly large variety of circumstances. What makes this site distinctive is that it serves a very broad audience, from managers to trainers to counselors to camp directors, to students. There are lots of free handouts, which is always a huge plus.

4. Leadership Institute

Besides some good free team-building suggestions on this site, it has value because of some good articles about team-building. Recent examples would be a look at the characteristics of effective teams and how to build a culture of trust. This is a go-to resource for busy people who need to keep up on the latest team-building initiatives.

5. Fresh Tracks

A site based in the United Kingdom, it has great resources applicable to just about every work environment. Unlike many sites that just offer the ideas and leave implementing them open to interpretation, this site is fabulous for the HR pro in a hurry or trying to be extra careful that it all comes together properly. It details the activity, what you need to set it up, how to run the activity for maximum results, and how to bring it all together to reinforce the management principles desired at the end. Most importantly, when you select the team-building activity you want to try, you can download all the instructions as a PDF.

6. Wilder Dom

Of all the sites, this is the most comprehensive when it comes to finding a game that will best appeal to your team. It's also a lively site, constantly getting updated. To the left of the home page you will always find a column of "recently added games" which is great when you want to find something really new. It's also a blend of psychological games, self-awareness exercises, and physical activities including rope challenge courses and traditional favourites like Feeding the Zircon and Raptor.

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