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10 Memes That Only Festival And EDM Lovers Understand

Song name? Darude - Sandstorm, of course.

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1. No problem! I'll just be skipping breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next few weeks.

Via Facebook: electrodancemusicmemes

When you've been to every single local event and your friends still try to convince you to buy that EDC ticket. Sometimes you just gotta empty your bank account #noregrets

2. 'Member the time David Guetta tripped out on stage?

FromHereThere / Via

Who doesn't love David Guetta? His music is great and if the man needs to indulge in some substances... P.S. mute the video and play your own music for the best time of your life

4. "Hey, I was doing just fine before I met you"

OH MY G😬D RT @HarambeActivity: So baby pull me closer like the kid in your enclosure

The internet's favourite dead gorilla has even invaded the EDM scene and some pretty hilarious memes have come out of it

10. Sigh last one before I go get water


We all know that feeling of arm sore and pain that occurs by the end of a great night. We also know that when the DJ tells you to put your hands up, you freakin' do it.

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