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Here are the top 21 notable actresses who have appeared in music videos.

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1. ALICIA SILVERSTONE - Aerosmith's "Cryin", "Amazing" and "Crazy" Videos


Alicia Silverstone is the ultimate video vixen. She made a name for herself starring in a multitude of Aerosmith's music videos. The videos gave her the big break, followed-up shortly by the movie Clueless, which made her a star.

Honorary mention to Liv Tyler, who starred opposite Alicia Silverstone in the famous "Crazy" music video for her father. The video also helped Liv start her acting career who immediately went on to star in cult movies like Empire Records and Inventing the Abbotts, as well as the iconic Lord of the Rings series.

2. ASHLEY GREENE - Banners' "Holy Ground"


The actress best known for the Twilight Saga stars as one piece of this stunning visual. This is one of the best music videos to come out in a long time. Perhaps its time for the VMAs to introduce a category for best actor/actress - and Ms. Greene would certainly have this year's on lock down.

4. JENNIFER LAWRENCE - Parachute's "The Mess I Made"


Everyone's BFF starred in the video the same year as "Winter's Bone", for which the "Passengers" actress received her first Academy Award nomination. The oscar winner is no stranger to MTV, she earned her SAG eligibility as a featured actress in a promotional commercial for MTV's "My Super Sweet Sixteen." #OscarWinner

8. MEGAN FOX - Eminem featuring Rihanna - "Love the Way You Lie"


It made headlines when one of the hottest actresses at the time starred opposite Domenic Moynihan from "Lost" as an embattled couple with a fiery passion in this hot music video.

10. MILA KUNIS - Aerosmith's "Jaded"


Mila was already established on "That 70's Show" when she took over the video vixen reigns from Alicia Silverstone for Aerosmith's lead single off their Just Push Play album.

12. SCARLETT JOHANSSON - Justin Timberlake's "What Goes Around...Comes Around"

The beauty was rumored to be dating Justin around the time that this video was shot. He was also rumored to be dating Jessica Biel at the same time. We all know who ended up with the hunky entertainer.

13. GWYNETH PALTROW - Melissa Etheridge's "I Want to Come Over"

Melissa Etheridge

The blonde beauty gives a performance that I think too many of us can relate to. The singer is close friends with Brad Pitt, and her music videos feature many of his lovers: Gwyneth, ex-girlfriend Juliette Lewis in "Come to My Window", and ex-wife Jennifer Aniston in "I Want to Be in Love". #OscarWinner

15. MARION COTILLARD - David Bowie's "The Next Day" NSFW

David Bowie

David Bowie brings out the best actors in a controversial and NSFW short film. The french actress stars opposite Gary Oldham in this video for the legendary musician. #OscarWinner

17. EVAN RACHEL WOOD - Green Day's "Wake Me Up When September Ends" and Marilyn Manson's "Heart Shaped Glasses"

The Westworld actress married her co-star from the Green Day video, actor Jamie Bell. The two have a child together. She also previously dated musician Marilyn Manson when she starred in his music video. #OscarNominee

20. KIRSTEN DUNST - Savage Garden's "I Knew I Loved You"

Savage Garden

The cameo in music video for the popular Australian duo was part of a popular resurgence for the young actress. The same year as the music video released, she starred in The Virgin Suicides and Drop Dead Gorgeous. The next year would bring on her iconic role in Bring It On.

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