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    • roxie89

      I ended up paying $196,125 for my bachelors degree, the main reason behind that was because the school would change the class matrix at least three times in the time I spent there (that’s all the classes required to complete for graduation), I left my community college with 180 units and I still spent 5 years finishing a bachelor’s while working at a theme park year round and freelancing custom sewing jobs. I actually do have a well paying full time job but 90% of my income goes to pay just the interest on that loan and I have not seen a penny apply toward the principal balance, I’ve resigned myself
      To being in debt for the rest of my life at the very least my parents allow me to live with them and stay in my old bedroom rent free and I don’t have to pay for food since everything I have goes to pay back the loans. On another note my school has been sued multiple time by the federal government for predatory loan practices and some other bullshit and the school had to pay the government back but the students still have to pay on their loans which sucks I can’t even go to a state school to get a second bachelor’s because none of the ones in California accept students for a second bachelor’s degree…

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