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18 Jobs You Took On As A Twin

Sibling? More like full-time position.

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1. Therapist

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As a twin, you were essentially a live-in shoulder to cry on. Since you're going through the same stages of life at the same time, it's incredibly effective to consult with your twin about anything, knowing, of course, you'd do the same for them.

2. Fashion Consultant

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Friends may have said they're being brutally honest, but you haven't heard a true answer to "Do these jeans make my butt look big?" if you've never had a twin.

3. Editor

From lovelorn instant messages to lab reports, if it didn't pass the twin once-over, it didn't send.

4. Roommate

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Even if you never had the luxury (read: horror) of sharing a room with your twin, remember, you were once the ultimate roommates...WOMBMATES #sorrynotsorry.

5. Punching Bag

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When your friends complained about fights with their siblings, all you could do was laugh. Twin battles were absolutely vicious. But, whether it was physical or verbal sparring, you could take comfort in the fact that (eventually) you'd always forgive each other.

6. Partner In Crime

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Whether it was teaming up to wear down the 'rents or sneaking out for late-night rendezvous, your twin always has your back (remember, you owe them!).

7. Tutor

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Failing French? Miserable at math? Have no fear, your twin was there. They were taking (and ideally, passing) the same class that you felt hopeless in. Just expect some form of smugness in return. After all, they did save your GPA.

8. Third Wheel

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Even if all you wanted was a Sunday morning at home, your twin and their SO never hesitated to turn the breakfast table into their temple of love. Twins have the specific problem of encountering these individuals more often. That kid who sits in front of you in Calc? Yeah, he's the same one who was playing tongue twister with your dear sis.

9. Life Coach

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Be it a tough breakup or a big fight, twins had (and still have) a knack for getting your life back on track.

10. Stylist

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If you couldn't quite tell how much cologne was too much, or never seemed to master the delicate art of eyeliner application, a twin could often provide the second take or steady hand that you needed to get through those awkward high school years.

11. Stunt Double

Tying your skateboard to a friend's car sounds like an epic plan in theory, but once you see your twin eat pavement when the driver swerves to avoid a trashcan, the novelty is lost.

12. Biggest Fan

Even if the turnout at your rainy field hockey game was less than stellar, a single twin could make up for the dead crowd. They make the best cheerleaders, hands down.

13. Private Investigator

Unbiased information from an equally interested source? Excellent. * cue evil laugh *

14. Parole Officer

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As much as a twin can help you avoid trouble, sometimes the temptation to rat them out can prove too strong. Especially if your twin's safety is on the line, the enabler could turn into the biggest roadblock very quickly.

15. Nemesis

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I was never one for conflict, except of course, with my twin. Insults were hurled, betrayal occasionally occurred, bitter hatred briefly ensued. Perhaps these short but vicious fights were just a release of that residual irritation of avoidance. Or perhaps that's just what twins do.

16. Nurse

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Barring a parent's presence, a twin could act as a first-rate surrogate. Their soup may have been a tad overcooked and their sympathy a bit lacking, but you knew that they genuinely wanted to make you feel better (despite their laughing at your inability to speak without rasping after a bad bout of strep).

17. Bodyguard

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There are arguments that a sassy older sister or brooding bro would make the best bodyguards. While I'm sure these siblings would make a great partner in a fight, twins are always there for you — even in the subtlest of ways.

18. Best Friend

Self explanatory.

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