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11 Reasons Doctor Turner Is The Perfect Man

Contains spoilers up to series 3 of BBC's Call the Midwife and sizzling hot .gifs of Stephen McGann.

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1. He'll write you letters.


Good 'ol fashioned letters. Even a modern-day Patrick Turner would never wake you with a 3am "u up?" text.

2. As well as give you his jacket.


As you stand on a foggy moor. Even when he's a bit chilly. While he professes his undying love for you.

3. He's a great dancer.


But he'd never drag you to a club. Your living room and a great record is all you'd need for a dance sesh.

4. And an even better doctor.


When you have the flu, it won't be canned soup and detached pity from this guy.

5. He wouldn't judge you for indulging in your guilty pleasures.


Doctor Turner wouldn't throw shade at your night cheesin' or episodes of "Dating Naked" currently piling up on your DVR.

6. He's also a great listener.


Sharing all your problems with him would be just what the doctor ordered.

7. He's not afraid to take it slow.


He got together with a nun for god's sake.

8. But he's a romantic at heart.

9. He's a family man.


He and Timothy are a (adorable) package deal.

10. Not to mention he gives the best gifts.


He wouldn't shy away from the occasional grand romantic gesture, either.

11. And that smoldering gaze.


No description necessary.

But there are dreams that cannot be.

You knew this was coming.

Unfortunately, we've got some formidable competition.


Why do you have to ruin this for us with your perfection, Shelagh?

Would you really want to be the one splitting up this?


So we'll just gaze from afar.



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