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    People Can't Agree On Whether These "Rich Person" Design Trends Are Actually Stunning Or Just Low-Key Embarrassing (And Personally, I'm Torn Over Several)

    Can you imagine spending $10,000 on a literal couch...

    If you're anything like me, you probably spend waaaay too long scrolling through real estate listings you'll likely never be able to afford. Maybe it's the escapism of it all, or perhaps it's just truly enthralling to see the aesthetics people choose for themselves, but either way, I find it strangely comforting. However, I've been noticing lately that once listing prices cross a certain threshold, I see the same "rich person" design features in almost every single home — and I honestly can't stop thinking about them.

    To that end, I'm curious about what you think of these "luxurious" design trends. Are they actually the pinnacle of style, or just...tacky? Tell me how you really feel. (And if there are any that we missed, share them with me in the comments!)