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    "Millennial Pink," Subway Tile, Tufted Headboards, And 36 Other Polarizing Home Design Trends Of The 2000s (Ranked From Worst To Best)

    No. 1 is a hill that I would be honored to die on.

    Designing and decorating a home is hard. We're all just trying our best out here, but let me tell ya: It's way harder than it looks on TV.

    Some trends, however, have stuck around longer than others. Throughout the wild, wild 2000s, we've been riding a pretty sizable wave of polarizing trends — some good, and some blatantly awful. So I ranked every one that I could think of. I can assure you, there are some super-spicy hot takes here, so buckle up.

    I also can't believe I'm saying this, but...if you disagree with any of these, I welcome a dialogue in the comments. 😳

    39. Motivational or "Family Rules" Signs

    Large wooden "Family Rules" Sign with various sayings and slogans

    38. Color-Coded Bookshelves

    Color-coded bookshelf

    37. All-White Everything

    Empty white kitchen

    36. Home Office Sheds

    Wood-paneled "shed" with livable space inside

    35. Concrete Flooring

    Concrete floor in a white kitchen

    34. Floating Staircases

    Black floating staircase leading up to a loft space

    33. Electric Fireplaces

    Electric space heater made to look like a wood-burning stove

    32. Tuscan Kitchens

    Large "Tuscan"-style kitchen with massive, dark wood features and dark granite countertops

    31. "Modern" Futons

    White futon with decorative pillows

    30. McMansions

    McMansion-style home with large driveway and palm trees in a housing development

    29. Chalkboard Walls

    Large chalkboard wall with various text written on it

    28. Animal-Hide Rugs

    White faux animal hide rug draped over a gray couch

    27. Millennial Pink

    Light pink front door outside a home

    26. Mid-Century Modern Chandeliers

    Mid-century-style chandelier light fixture

    25. Gigantic Entertainment Centers

    Large gray entertainment center housing a large TV in the center

    24. Tufted Headboards

    Green-yellow tufted headboard, close up
    Large casket with white tufted interior

    23. Stove-Top Pot Fillers

    Stovetop pot filler filling a blue Dutch oven

    22. Subway-Tile Backsplash

    Installing subway tile backsplash

    21. Edison Bulbs

    Edison bulbs hanging outside while a couple plays chess

    20. Accent Walls

    Black accent wall with raised ridges against another white wall

    19. Home Theaters

    Red home theater with large red reclining chairs and a gold curtain around the projector screen

    18. Sliding Barn Doors

    White sliding barn door

    17. TVs Mounted Over Fireplaces

    TV over  a black fireplace with white trim

    16. Mason Jars

    Mason jar with flower bouquet inside

    15. Open Shelving

    Open shelving in a white kitchen, with baskets on the shelves

    14. Open-Concept Floor Plans

    Open concept floor plan with kitchen, dining room, and living room all in one

    13. Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

    Woman sitting in a chair next to floor-to-ceiling windows, listening to music

    12. Granite Countertops

    Kitchen and breakfast bar in a large, wood-accented kitchen with light brown granite countertops

    11. Gallery Walls

    Large gallery wall against a white painted wall

    10. The Age of the Houseplant

    Woman watering numerous houseplants in a bright room

    9. Shiplap

    White shiplap wall in a bathroom with natural wood accents

    8. Modern House Numbers

    Metal house number "113" in front of a concrete wall

    7. The "Eclectic" (or "Lived-in") Aesthetic

    Living room with plants, an orange couch, and various colored pillows thrown around (with an eclectic gallery wall behind)

    6. Metal Roofs

    Rust-colored metal roof on a large house

    5. Bidets

    Built-in bidet on a standard toilet

    4. Smart Lights

    A person holding a cellphone in a dimly lit room with "Brightness 75%" on the screen

    3. Skylights

    Large skylight over a modern, gray-and-white kitchen

    2. Rain Showerheads

    Person taking a shower under a very wide showerhead

    1. Stainless Steel Appliances

    Stainless steel stove, dishwasher, and range hood in a gray kitchen with white subway tile

    Do you agree with this ranking? Are there any recent home design trends we missed here that you're absolutely obsessed with? Let us know in the comments. 🏠