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"I Straight-Up Tell Our Clients Not To Do It”: People Are Revealing Which Current Interior Design Trends Will "Age Poorly," And I Definitely Agree With Several

If it includes the word "farmhouse," I'm out.

Design trends come and design trends go — but sometimes they go out much more quickly than anticipated.

Recently, u/4jY6NcQ8vk asked redditors to share the "current aesthetic trends they think will age poorly," and honestly, I'm out here questioning every single interior design choice I've ever made. I know where I stand on most of these, so I'm genuinely curious to see if you love 'em or if they won't stand the test of time. Either way, I'm all ears.

1. "Anything that says live, laugh, love...or, honestly, any combination of those words."

"Live laugh love" sign

2. "All-gray interiors that scream, 'This house is a flip!'"

Gray kitchen with gray cabinets

3. "When people paint their houses black. They're annoying as hell when it comes to upkeep."

Touring an all-black painted house

4. "Those totally overused 'farmhouse' light fixtures — you know, the ones where it's just an empty square (or rectangle) frame around a bulb."

Black farmhouse light figure with boxy lights

5. "Those super-chunky microwave-hood combos. I know they're convenient, but they're ugly."

Putting food into a microwave-hood combo

6. "Those damn sliding barn doors! Just make it a full-out pocket door or leave it alone!"

White sliding barn door

7. "Any 'word signs,' just generally. Yes, we know you 'eat' in the kitchen..."

Sign in a room that says "gather"

8. "Yes, open layouts make the house appear bigger, but I can't get over how much it makes a house echo. When you have more than a few people living in your home, they make it truly impossible to have much privacy."

Open layout home

9. "Shiplap. It's literally just wood paneling painted white...but I can't stand it."

Arrow pointing to white shiplap walls in a hallway

10. "Kitchens that are basically floor-to-ceiling subway tile. It resembles a rest stop bathroom, and I think they'll eventually start to feel as dated as McMansions do now."

Gray kitchen with subway tile backsplash

11. "Gray vinyl flooring. Wood isn't gray. Stop pretending it is."

Gray vinyl flooring in a kitchen next to bar stools

12. "The Moroccan-inspired tile in every home. It definitely works in some houses, but it's being put everywhere right now. I don't think it'll age well — except in houses where it's genuinely aligned with the rest of the architecture."

Person sorting through different Moroccan-themed tile

13. "Farmhouse sinks...unless the house is literally on a farm."

Farmhouse sink in a white kitchen

14. "Painting anything that's old white — just to 'modernize' it."

White painted wood beams on ceiling

15. "Linear mosaic tile. Oh god, it's ugly...and since I'm a designer, everyone is asking for it. I straight-up tell our clients not to do it. It's going to look like shit in 10 years — I mean, it looks like shit now, but it'll be so dated then."

Linear mosaic tile

16. "Granite countertops — especially brown granite."

Brown granite countertop

17. "The white farmhouse exterior. It's WAY overdone, which just means that people will get sick of it (and it'll look dated in five or so years)."

The exterior of a white farmhouse–style house

18. "Painted brick. If you don't want to look at it, render or stucco it — but painting is a quick and often less-than-successful process of 'restoring' brickwork."

Painting brick wall white

19. "Wallpaper with bold prints. It goes in and out of fashion (and has for decades). Don't get me wrong, I think it can be cute...but don't kid yourself into thinking that your big floral wallpaper with toucans is going to be timeless in some way."

Holding up color against a pineapple wallpaper

20. "The tired 'blue cabinet and gold hardware' trend in kitchens and bathrooms."

Blue cabinets in a kitchen with gold hardware

21. "I'm just gonna say it: Any kind of fake hardwood flooring will be the avocado-colored shag carpet of our time."

Installing vinyl fake wood flooring

22. "Brass faucets — or, really, any kind of brass accents. It's part of that gross '80s retro look that's becoming popular again (along with hunter green and mustard yellow). It was gross back then, and it looks no better now!"

Brass cabinet pulls in a kitchen