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The Internet Is High-Key Obsessed With Emma Chamberlain's New House, And Honestly, It's Restored My Faith In Celebrity Homes

If this is the future of Gen Z home design, I'm 100% here for it.

I'm obsessed with the "Open Door" series on Architectural Digest. I mean, is there anything more exciting than peeking into the homes of the celebrities we idolize?! Nope. But the series has also made me realize that money and fame can't buy taste — so I'm always thrilled when a new edition becomes buzzy for the right reasons.

Emma Chamberlain on "Open Door"

Enter: Emma Chamberlain. If you don't know her, here's your intro: She's one of the most popular YouTube personalities out there, she's a Gen Z style icon, she JUST turned 21...and after touring her newly-remodeled house, it turns out she also has impeccable taste when it comes to home design.

emma chamberlain in stylish outfit at the 2022 met gala

How impeccable? Honestly, her house might just be one of my favorite celeb homes in recent memory. No exaggeration. And I'm not the only one with that opinion.

emma chamberlain’s house… i need to marry rich

Twitter: @mattxiv

It's a cultural reset.

girls don’t want boyfriends they want emma chamberlain’s house

Twitter: @emmamoodboards

So, since I've already watched her "Open Door" tour approximately 40 times in the past 24 hours, I wanted to share some of the design details that I simply cannot stop thinking about.

[the earth collapsing around us] “omg…Emma Chamberlain AD house tour”

Twitter: @anxiousdeluxe

1. Honestly, I'd be remiss not to bring up the house itself. It looks normal! Not at all gaudy! It feels like Emma and her designers (Ashley Drost and Marie Trohman of Proem Studio) made a real effort to preserve all of the '50s, mid-century modern details going on. The brown siding, wood accents, and dark trim fit the architecture perfectly — and it's just so darn refreshing to see a Los Angeles-based celebrity home that isn't an endless sea of white.

Outside of Emma Chamberlain's house

(And this waterfall tucked into her hill? Rich-person goals.)

Emma's waterfall

2. Her dad's paintings, basically adorning every wall in her house, are as wholesome as they are impressive and aesthetically-pleasing.

Emma showing a painting by her dad

They're everywhere!

Emma in her home with an arrow pointing to one of her dad's paintings

Like, everywhere. Can you imagine having a father this artistic?! (Fun fact: He actually showcases his oil paintings on YouTube in his free time. 🥲)

Michael Chamberlain's paintings

3. All of the curved, soft-edged pieces of furniture — which happen to be very "in" right now — are also A+. For starters, here's this chaise that I would kill to experience myself.

A green chaise

4. And then, there's this poofy couch whose $20,000 price tag gives me intense anxiety (but also looks undeniably soothing to sit on).

Emma's couch

5. And let's not forget Emma's curvy dining table. It appears to be made of some type of stone but still has a really "gentle" quality to it, considering the absence of harsh edges.

Emma's table

"I love when something's made out of a hard material but still finds a way to look soft," Emma says in her tour.

Emma's table

6. Fact: If I had this paneled skylight ceiling, I'd never experience another day of seasonal depression in my life.

Emma's skylight

7. And speaking of ceilings, this Trueing chain-link chandelier at the budget-friendly price of $48,000 is getting a whole lot of buzz...

A Trueling chandelier

8. ...but personally, I'm drooling over that GORGEOUS exposed beam ceiling.

Emma's ceiling

Let's move to the kitchen, since the internet has effectively voted it Best in Show.

girls don’t want boyfriends they want emma chamberlain’s kitchen

Twitter: @k__d13 / Via

9. The custom tiled island? Exceptional.

Emma's island

10. The copper trim on her range hood?! I'm breathless.

Emma's kitchen

11. And the fact that it ties into her counter-mounted pot filler — which must've cost $1,000 in plumbing alone — is *chef's kiss*.

Emma in her kitchen

12. If you squint your eyes, you'll notice that the cabinet doors under her sink are made with, yep, marble. The same marble that's used on the counters.

Emma's kitchen

According to Emma, she started the entire kitchen design with this marble and decided to just continue the counters right on down to the sink. TBH, I get it.

Emma's sink

13. Fun lil' Easter egg: In front of the vertically-tiled backsplash (love) and the massive bowls of peaches and heirloom tomatoes (double-love), we've got a pretty cute cookbook collection...

Emma's kitchen

...because it features cookbooks from other famous YouTubers. We love a supportive queen.

Emma's cookbooks

14. The textured wallpaper in her "party bathroom" is undeniably cool and particularly on-trend, since natural textures are a pretty popular design element nowadays.

Emma's textured walls

15. When it came time to remodel her bedroom, her team decided to seamlessly integrate this fireplace into the surrounding drywall. "Seamlessly" is the understatement of the century — it looks like it's been there since the house was first built.

Emma's bedroom

16. I laughed at her bedding when I first saw it, but now I can't stop thinking about it. It's centered around this "tiger" blanket...

Emma's bed

...which Emma calls a "weird tiger" that she thinks looks like the "liger" from Napoleon Dynamite. (A film that was released a month after she turned 3 years old, just FYI!!!)

Closeup of Emma's blanket


17. Even her rattan lap desk is stylish. 😭

Emma showing her lap desk

18. I'm obsessed yet haunted by this terracotta-colored cat bed sphere, but she mentions that the $265 accessory was "one of the few things" in her house that "wasn't worth the money."

Emma holding a cat bed

19. Moving on to the main bathroom: The rusty-hued marble with the tiny, barely-green tile in her bathroom might be one of my favorite design combos of all time.

Emma in her bathroom

That tile, in particular, is perfect.

Emma's bathroom

20. But nothing (I repeat, NOTHING) can compete with the wooden soaking tub for me. It came with the house, and I'm so glad she didn't scrap it in the remodel.

Emma's soaking tub

My quarterly water bill would be $20,000 if I lived there.

Emma standing by her tub

21. And let's not take the door to the outdoors for granted! There's just something about it.

Doorway to the outside terrace

22. As someone who's never found an outdoor lounge chair comfortable, I'd happily never get up from one of these Article loungers.

Emma's pool

23. And with a corn cob side table to hold my pool drink, I'd never have to!

Corn cob table

24. Buying this terrazzo outdoor kitchen and grill surround is now my biggest goal in life.

Emma's outdoor grill setup

25. And while the matching terrazzo *permanent* beer pong set-up might not be everyone's cup of tea, it's undoubtedly a fun addition. She just turned 21 — remember?

A beer pong table

But of all the gorgeous rooms in Emma's new home, this is the one that I quite literally cannot stop daydreaming about: her "poolhouse" bathroom.

Emma in her poolhouse bathroom

26. Inspired by the interior of a sailboat — a really nice sailboat, I might add — the wood paneling is such a beautiful, nautical touch.

Closeup of wood paneling

27. I also love the fact that she brought the outdoor stone inside, so it feels like one giant, seamless space.

Closeup of the floor

28. But if I had to choose one detail and one detail only as my favorite in the entire house, it might just be this pedestal sink in the actual center of the room. She calls it the "most genius yet crazy choice" in the home, and I'd have to agree.

A sink in the middle of the room

Since it's the bathroom where guests quickly freshen up after a swim, or where folks wash the beer off their hands post-beer pong tournament, it actually makes so much sense to position the sink in the middle. People can crowd around and clean up together!

Closeup of a sink

Like this. (Cute, right?)

Emma using the sink

That's all I've got, folks. Emma, hope we can hang at the pool sometime soon!

What's your favorite design element in Emma Chamberlain's house? Or: What's your least favorite? Tell me about it in the comments below. ⬇️

And if you're curious about the rest of Emma's home tour, you can watch the whole thing on Architectural Digest's YouTube channel.

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