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Tell Me About The Cringiest Moment You've Experienced While Dining Out With Your Family (That Will Haunt You For The Rest Of Your Days)

To this day, there are restaurants I'm still too embarrassed to show my face in.

Families. Gotta love 'em, right? Except when they publicly embarrass you to a degree that formerly felt impossible, and the memories haunt you until the end of time. And TBH, I feel like there's just something about *restaurants* in particular that tempt our family members to act out in ways that are completely and TOTALLY unacceptable... Am I alone here?!

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I wanna hear about the horrors you've experienced while dining out with your families — from the low-key cringe moments that made you want to hide in the bathroom until it was all over, to the experiences so earth-shatteringly embarrassing that you literally contemplated running away and starting a new life.

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Maybe you were introducing your chain-restaurant-or-bust grandparents to tapas for the first time, and they screamed at the server for bringing out "kiddie meals" instead of "real" food.

Variety of tapas in plates on a dining table.
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Maybe your significant other orders their iced latte with exactly seven ice cubes every time you visit your neighborhood cafe, and you die a little bit on the inside whenever you catch the baristas gossiping about their "complicated order."

Barista at a cafe looking annoyed while behind the counter
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Worst of all: maybe your random uncle called over the manager and said something objectively offensive to them well within earshot of every single person in the establishment?

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Whatever you've experienced, we want to hear about it. Whether your stories are cringey, gross, honestly despicable, or an unfortunate combo of all three, share your experiences in the comments below 👇 and we'll feature your stories in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.

And just for the record: never introduce your grandparents to tapas. I promise it's  not worth it.