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Ashley Tisdale's Infamous Bookshelf, Kerry Washington's "Subway Tile," And 22 Other Wild Home Decor Choices Made By Celebs (That Live Rent-Free In My Mind)

I thought a king-sized bed was huge until I saw Scott Disick's giant 9x9-foot bed.

I don't know about you, but I'm obsessed with Architectural Digest's Open Door series. As someone with a veryyy average amount of expendable income, it's truly peak escapism to look inside the homes of the rich and famous and laugh/cry/scream at some of their chaotic/inspired/cringe design choices.

I've seen basically every episode there is to watch, and I've gotta say...there are a few that'll probably live rent-free in my mind forever. They also just so happen to be homes that people of the internet have LOTS to say about — both good and bad — so I want to know what you love (or don't love) about 'em.

1. Let's kick things off with actor (and now designer) Ashley Tisdale's home in Los Angeles. Her home recently made waves on the internet for something having to do with...well, 400 or so curated books, but we'll get into that shortly.

Let's start with this chair — her Hans Wegner "collector's" chair, as she describes it. I...don't really know what to say about it; I just need to know if it's actually comfortable or not.

Then, there's this bookcase. It's not just any old bookcase, it's a built-in! And it's not just any old built-in bookcase — it's a built-in bookcase with 400 books she sent her husband to pick up just before Architectural Digest came over to shoot. People on the internet had a lot to say about the hyper-curated look when the video was released.

Let's also not skip her entertainment room, which includes this built-in sofa that looks like it could easily fit 15 people.

And cascading over her simply massive pool area, she has a huge tree that she's outfitted with glass hearts — collected from her "favorite hotel in Cabo."

2. Next, we've got Scott Disick's "farm-like house" with an "East coast traditional swirl," also located in LA. People on the internet have a lot to say about its...emptiness? Or minimalism? Either way, let's go inside.

To start with the obvious, Scott's house gives "open floor plan" a new meaning. Even without a measuring tape, I can confidently tell you that the empty space between him and his dining table is the width of my entire apartment.

Scott mentions that under-stair space is often wasted space, so in his home, he opted for this 500-bottle wine "cellar," complete with custom glass doors.

He describes his kitchen as a "double island" kitchen since, yep, there are two separate kitchen islands parallel to one another. One is for working while the other is mostly for eating — and both are decked out with some seriously luxe Carrara marble.

Finally, let's talk about the main bedroom, where he had a custom 9x9-foot bed built — including custom pillows, custom sheets, and a custom mattress made to fit the odd proportions. (For reference, a king-sized bed is about 6x7 feet.) This is what it looks like.

3. To briefly travel to the East coast, let's take a look at Kerry Washington's Manhattan apartment. She rented it when she starred in the Broadway play American Son — and though it was technically a rental, she still spruced the place up with help from Restoration Hardware's very own in-house design firm.

Kerry's home features this piece of art, which she describes as one of the things she loves most about the apartment. The twist? It's actually a 3D-printed replica created by General Public — a company founded by her Scandal co-star, Portia de Rossi.

She talks about her Vitamix being her favorite item in the kitchen...but honestly, the detail that caught my eye is the mini stainless steel subway tile backsplash, complete with outlet covers to match.

In her formal dining room, Kerry has these white, slipcovered chairs that — wait for it — are built with castors on the legs. (As she puts it, she and her family "might" spin around in the chairs before bedtime.)

And finally, let's talk about this living room. It's massive (especially for an NYC apartment), but it's also divided down the line for two different functions. There are near-identical mirrored seating areas: one for enjoying the view, another for watching TV.

4. While we're in New York, let's bop over to the Hamptons to see Robert Downey Jr.'s converted windmill home. Yes — you read that right. (Iron Man himself living in a windmill? Iconic.)

It may not be "interior design" per se, but the first (and very obvious) design feature to point out is that their home is indeed a 19th-century windmill converted into a legit house.

Stepping inside, there's a massive fireplace in the living room...lined with this eclectic ceramic custom "mantle" of sorts (and some moody lighting for drama's sake).

Just off their kitchen, Robert and his wife Susan have a pink-hued breakfast nook — complete with this tufted, polka-dotted bench (that's apparently a great place to nap and eat).

Finally, speaking of pink, let me introduce you to the tile choice in their main bathroom: a mosaic of pink, purple, and black circular tile.

5. Country singer Sheryl Crow's rustic home just outside of Nashville honestly has a little bit of everything — from antiques galore to a custom-built, full-size barn (where she keeps her horses, writes music...and drinks Guinness on tap).

In her formal living room (where she admittedly doesn't spend all that much time), she has lots of antique religious artwork. In her own words: It gives the room a "romantic vibe."

In Sheryl's music room (just off the formal living space), she has wood-paneled walls, even more antiques, and a papier mâché elephant hanging above the fireplace. She "doesn't love" real taxidermy — but she's "not above" proudly displaying this cruelty-free piece.

As a self-described "collector of odd things," her barn holds one very odd item in particular...death masks. They're traditional masks cast out of the faces of the deceased — in this case, late presidents William Howard Taft and William McKinley.

Last, since she lives in the house and works from the barn, she wanted another separate space that was "total inspiration." Enter: the custom chapel she built in the woods of her property.

6. Last but very much not least, we're back in LA to peek inside actor and travel brand-owner Shay Mitchell's home. It's a 1920s house that she describes as having a "Spanish-Mediterranean feel to it, with a little bit of Moroccan."

First up, her 1,000-pound chandelier in the entry. Since it's literally a thousand pounds, she didn't realize a chandelier that heavy required special bracing (so the ceiling won't, ya know, cave in). So, it was mounted ~crystal-less~ until the ceiling could get worked on.

This bassinet that was "sent to her" when her first daughter was born? It's giving Mad Men chic, and it's also one of her favorite items in the entire home.

Speaking of her daughter, Shay also converted her "junk room" into this very ~pink~ nursery for her — which her designer Chad Wood calls: "smart pink."

Last, the bar area is truly a sight to behold. Between the numerous gold accents, the loud and proud floral wallpaper, and the moody floor-to-ceiling curtains, it's definitely a statement.

(And listen, IDK if I can technically factor this into my overall opinion on her home, but her dog? 11/10 would pet.)

We're basically done, but I just have two QUICK questions left for you...