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People Are Split Over Whether These Boomer-Loved Home Design Trends Are Timeless Or Borderline Offensive

Honestly, I forgot all about some of these.

My parents are boomers. I love them dearly! But I don't always love their home design choices. Let's be real here, designing a home is hard — no matter where you happen to fall generationally. I mean, one day open-concept floor plans are all the rage, and years later, people want their "rooms" back. You can't win.

To that end, I'm very curious about where you stand on these pretty divisive home design trends (that baby boomers definitely loved at one point or another). Have they withstood the test of time? Or, should they have been doomed to stay in the 80s or 90s for all eternity? I'll let you be the judge.

Did we miss any trends that you feel suuuuper passionately about? Let us know in the comments.