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    "It Was The Last Straw Before I Moved": People Are Sharing The Most Obnoxious Behaviors Their Roommates Are Consistently Guilty Of, Whether They Realize It Or Not

    "My partner is an engineer, a good driver, and great at board games and puzzles. All of this skill and efficiency goes out the window if he has to do this..."

    At its best, living with a roommate or partner can be a surprisingly delightful experience. But at its worst — and unfortunately, this is the case all too often — it can be nightmarish...especially when your roommate makes a habit out of off-putting, gross, or low-key concerning behaviors. Recently, we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their "icks" when it comes to their roommates' household habits, and they ranged from innocent mistakes to truly puzzling actions. These are the wildest of the bunch.

    And if your roommate has an annoying household habit that you need to get off your chest, tell us about it in the comments at the end of this post.

    1. "Ah, summertime, when Someone in My House puts sweat-soaked clothing into the laundry hamper and then puts other dirty clothing on top, so I don’t find out about it until laundry day when I discover that the entire middle stratum is now wet and reeks of sweat and mildew — like the worst possible version of a Cadbury egg."

    man looking into laundry hamper

    2. "Most of the light switches in my place are the dimmer style. My former roommate would never shut them off all the way, just turn the dimmer to the lowest setting, and it drove me nuts!"


    3. "He won't do the laundry unless we have fabric softener."

    person holding cup of fabric softener

    4. "My husband always misses the toilet a little when he pees. I saw a comment on this site that penises have built-in sprinkler settings, and I believe it!"

    —James, 34, New York

    5. "My roommate thinks that somehow running cold water on dirty dishes and rubbing them with his hands will get them clean. I can't tell you how many times we've had discussions about the magical cleaning qualities of hot water and soap. He uses them in the shower with no issues, yet using them on dishes remains a mystery. Thank god we have a dishwasher where I can put everything he 'washes.'"

    person washing dishes in the sink and then placing them in a drying rack

    6. "My boyfriend never wakes up to his alarm. It’s the most ridiculous ringtone, but it still never wakes him up. Yet the moment I yell 'Babe!' he’s up. It’s truly a battle to wake him up."

    —Maddie, 19, Michigan

    7. "My spouse over-cleans the cast iron skillet. It is never nicely seasoned because every time I use it, he scrubs the seasoning straight off. I’ve explained that it should really only be wiped out and not scrubbed so hard, but no. He always has to get it immaculately clean."

    scrubbing a cast iron skillet with soap

    8. "My husband leaves dishes right next to the sink. It's literally inches away...just push it into the sink, for the love of god!"


    9. "My wife and daughters love to put their loose hair on the shower wall."

    long hair on a shower wall

    10. "My partner is an engineer, a good driver, and great at board games, puzzles, etc. All of this skill and efficiency goes out the window if he has to load a dishwasher. I love this man, but I honestly have no idea what he's doing with that thing because there is no method, only chaos."


    11. "In college, I lived with three guys. One of my roommates never took his trash to the dumpster. He would leave it outside my room for weeks to months, smelling worse every day. When I complained, he began throwing it out of his window into the front yard, still not taking it to the dumpster and leaving it in our front yard."

    trash on the front lawn

    12. "Complete and utter carelessness about food waste. Leftovers always rotting in the fridge, multiple loaves of bread getting moldy in the cupboard, and to cap it all off, they go to the grocery store every single day to buy something new for dinner."


    13. "I instantly feel like the little red guy in Inside Out when my husband uses the kitchen sponge to clean his shoes. In the kitchen. Over the sink. Now I have to toss the sponge, disinfect the entire area, and resist the urge to head-butt him. Like, WHY?!"

    cleaning a pair or sneakers with a sponge

    14. "My roomie and I share a hamper. Every morning, he puts his dirty underwear ON TOP of the hamper bin. Never in it. Not sure if he's unable to open the lid or what. It drives me nuts."


    15. "Our roommate 'sleepwalks' into our bedroom only, and it’s creepy AF. He won’t pay a bill to save his life, but after all the lights are turned off for bed, he'll proceed to go back and turn on every light in the house, lighting it up like the Fourth of July."

    lights on inside a house at night

    16. "The way my boyfriend just leaves dirty dishes, how do you just leave half a plate of chicken out?! It absolutely drives me insane, and he lets our daughter just leave her bowls and plates of food everywhere, too. She is very much in the stage of gaining some independence, and she actually likes it when I tell her to put her dirty dishes in the sink. It makes her feel like a big girl, and she's always so proud. He never tells her to do it unless I've asked first, but then he'll get mad at the dog when he licks her plate of hour-old mac 'n' cheese that nobody picked up because he didn't. I love him to death, don't get me wrong, but when it comes to dishes and the shitstorm he turns our kitchen into, I really do not like him."


    17. "My husband has a habit of being in a rush and not actually closing the bathroom door all the way. I have excellent hearing and appreciate a closed door to muffle toilet use."

    opening the door into a bathroom

    18. "My husband dyes his beard regularly but doesn't wipe up the dye all over the sink afterward."

    —Anonymous, New York

    19. "I made the recent discovery that my partner closes food in Ziploc bags by zipping them mostly shut and then putting his mouth over the still open part and sucking the air out, like he’s vacuum sealing it. I don’t remember exactly what I said when I came upon him doing that, but it was something along the lines of, 'What the fuck are you doing?' I had to teach a grown-ass man how to properly store food in a Ziploc that was fun."

    Ziploc bags filled with snacks

    20. "Not flushing entirely. They'd take a monster 'deuce' and then not make sure it went all the way down. Nothing worse than being the next person in, only to find an absolute horror show still floating around or sticking to the sides. Just flush a few more times and save others from gagging!"


    21. "My roommate lets dishes 'soak.' Sometimes for days."

    dishes soaking in a sink

    22. "It's a small thing, and for the most part, everything's been good...but my new roommate leaves the lights on in the living room 24/7, no matter how many times I tell him to shut the lights off when he's not in the living room. He doesn't want to open the door into a dark room."


    23. "Pets. If you own a pet, then take care of it responsibly. My ex-housemate got all upset when I asked him to pick up after his dogs — they were two large German shepherds that had left 'piles' on every inch of a small yard and then started leaving them on the deck by the pool. Instead of picking up after them, he grabbed a shovel and flicked each pile against the fence. The yard was now shit-free, but there was now a 20-foot-long, one-foot-high pile of it along the fence. It was one of the last straws before I moved."

    shovel standing up next to fence in yard

    24. "She walks into my bedroom without knocking. She owns the house and lives here, I get it. But I pay money for this room. If you’re going to have someone move into your house with you, give them some privacy at least."


    25. "My husband's favorite snack food is sunflower seeds. He meticulously eats them one at a time and very quickly, taking the shells out of his wet mouth and causing it to sound like he is chewing with his mouth open. He then leaves the spit-covered shells to accumulate in a bowl until it is full and requires emptying. We've been together for over a decade, and it has not stopped being annoying. Admittedly, I lick the salt off potato chips, so it probably balances out."

    hand reaching into a bowl of sunflower seeds as a snack

    26. And finally: "My husband often leaves shaved hairs wherever he was shaving — sink, toilet, shower, all covered in dark hairs. He leaves empty containers in the cupboards and empty jugs in the fridge. He also leaves his clothes on the bathroom floor every day thinking they magically pick themselves up. But he has the best smile you’ve ever seen. He can make me laugh so hard my cheeks hurt. He can redden my face with any compliment. He is a wonderful partner and an amazing father. I do believe it’s the annoying things I would miss if anything ever happened to him. We’ve been together for nearly half my life, and I wouldn’t change him for anything."

    —Anonymous, 32

    Calling all people who have ever lived with a roommate (and yes, this includes spouses and significant others): What's the most annoying habit that yours had — or has? Tell me all about it in the comments below or through this anonymous form and your submission could be featured in a future BuzzFeed post.

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.